The CSG-360 Difference

Hands-on Involvement of Senior Professionals

As experienced former corporate executives of support services functions, we know your challenges.  As service providers and consultants, we can help you meet them!  Large consulting firms and service providers, who purport specific expertise, typically use mid-level managers instead of the "expert" who you will never see! Our services are delivered directly by our experts.


Consolidated Expertise

Our executives and consultants have on average over two decades of operational experience in the fields they practice.  We have also assembled an extensive portfolio of industry experts that we integrate into our team as necessary to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.  We have a team of experts and managers with specialized expertise so you don't have to!

Why use CSG-360 instead of my service provider?

Disparities in program goals and business strategies are inherent in the relationship between clients and their vendors.  At the end of the day, the incentive of your vendor is to increase their revenue.  If your vendor is a labor-driven service provider, often that difference is made up in additional billable hours or a multitude of line item profits buried within their fee structure.

At CSG-360, our incentive is to increase and protect our client's revenue.  Our fees are typically based on the additional value we create for our clients.

  We can bridge the gap between you and your vendor by streamlining inflated operations, establishing fair pricing and contract terms, on-going contract monitoring, and putting safeguards in place to protect your interests.

Performance, Protection, Peace of Mind